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    Sign-up for one of our Full Service Hosting or Managed Services monthly pacakges and the first month is free. Offer available for a limited time.

    Full Service Hosting

    Jumphost makes it easy for you to host and maintain websites without having to configure a web server, upload files via FTP or edit a single line of code.


    Email wherever you work - works on any computer or mobile device, desktop email client support, 30GB of storage, email for your own domain name, and lots more.

    Managed Services

    Drupal, MailChimp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, AddThis, Google Analytics, AdSpeed - we can manage all of these services and more on your behalf.

    Full Service Hosting

    A full service hosting solution including website hosting, website maintenance and support and domain name management.

    Managed Services

    n help you manage a wide range of services - content management, web applications, email marketing, social media, video, sharing & bookmarking, analytics, ad serving and more.

    Jumphost is an authorised Google Cloud (formerly Google for Work) partner. We can help your business or organisation get set-up very quickly and using Google Workspace for email, calendar, documents, storing & sharing files and more.